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Doing great science is fantastic, but it's even better when it can be communicated to a wider audience. On this page are a few examples of activities I've been involved in to try and disseminate both my own work and the work of other ecologists.

Outdoor Photography Magazine

In May 2021, I published an article in Outdoor Photography, the leading magazine dedicated to landscape, wildlife, nature and adventure photography. The article covered the new and exciting ways in which iEcologists are using online images to address key questions in conservation, and even included some of my own photography!

SOTSEF 2021.png


In 2021, the award-winning Southampton Science and Engineering festival went online! As well as the Crayfish Game, I was also involved in the creation of a new activity, where participants can travel down a river and learn about the local wildlife (huge thanks to my fellow PhD students Amelia Holgate and Lewis Dolman for leading the development of this activity).

BES Schools Outreach Day

In March of 2020, I was involved in the development and delivery of a new workshop in partnership with the British Ecological Society and other students from the University of Leeds and Durham University. The workshop aimed to educate year 8 students about the importance of ecology-based solutions to climate change through a combination of short team-based activities. The workshop was a success (89.5% good/very good ratings from students and 100% good/very good ratings from teachers), and it is hoped that it will be extended to a greater number of schools across the UK in the near future.


© British Ecological Society

Teaching students at the BES schools outreach day.

Game Screenshot.png

The Crayfish Game

In January of 2020, I first developed the Crayfish Game, where participants use barriers and trapping to protect their friendly local fish from invasive crayfish.

To find out more (and to play the game!) visit the dedicated page on the website by clicking here.

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